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New Album “Shatter Me” Track Listing!

I am soooo incredibly excited to share my new music video with you guys!  It’s for “Beyond The Veil”, a song off of my new album Shatter Me which comes out April 29th in the US, May 2nd in Germany, and TBD everywhere else (stay tuned)! Watch the video here: Me is now available for pre-sale on iTunes (with an instant download of “Beyond The Veil”): or on Pledge Music:

Pre-order exclusive deluxe version at Target:
Germany pre-order on iTunes:
Germany pre-order on Amazon:

Also check out the Shatter Me album cover and track listing below!

Lindsey Stirling Shatter Me itunes

Track listing:
Beyond the Veil
Mirror Haus
Shatter Me featuring Lzzy Hale
Roundtable Rival
Night Vision
Take Flight
We Are Giants featuring Dia Frampton
Master of Tides

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Beyond The Veil – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

My new album Shatter Me is now available for pre-order!
Get it on iTunes:
or on Pledge Music:
or exclusive deluxe version at Target:

I’m also going on tour! Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades:

Get Sheet Music here:

Directed by Everdream
Concept by • Joe Sill
Co-Producers • Adam Nusinow, Jessica Zeta
Executive Producer • James Khabushani

Featuring • Lindsey Stirling & Hannah Stock
1st Assistant Director • Cameron Hutchison
2nd Assistant Director • Morgan Clay
Cinematographer • Nick Roney
Gaffer • Greg Cotten
1st Assistant Camera • Brian White
2nd Assistant Camera • Matt Greiner
Multirotor Operator • Brian Tran
Key Grip • Ryan Summersett
Grip • Tanner Hall
Swing • Daniel Molayem
Production Designer • Tye Whipple
Art Build Team • Dan Carr, Andrew Katz, Kyle Frowley
M.U.A. • Elana Rose, Michaela Mcatee
Wardrobe Stylist • Jamie Westfall
Wardrobe Assistant • Letty Younger
Studio Teacher • Matthew Babbs
Set Medic • Alexander Antov
Stunt Coordinator • Ian Eyre
Wirework Rigging Technician • Nicholas Goehner
VFX Supervisor • Tanner Merrill
Visual Effects • Joe Sill, Tanner Merrill
Editing • Joe Sill, Lindsey Stirling
Color Correction • Joe Sill

Special Thanks •• Eileen Rivera • YouTube Space LA • Redwood Glen • Leo Carrillo State Beach • Gonzalo Vasquez • Aman Singh • RJ Collins • Larry Jay • Eric Cook • Zac Geoffray • Roo Raggio • Mary Beth Stock • Andrew Fillmore • Lauren Peirce • Peter & Kay Sill

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My New Album “Shatter Me”

Exciting news! My album is available for pre-sale! Wahoo! Get exclusive sneak peaks of the upcoming material here!

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Transcendence (Orchestral)- Lindsey Stirling

This song is on the Target edition of my album.

Thanks to Franklin Covey for helping me create this video. You can learn more about their Leader In Me Program here

I was so honored to work with the Landfill Harmonic. I learned about them several years ago and I was so inspired by their story. Through pure passion, and resilience, they rose above their circumstances and created opportunities from garbage.
You can learn more about them and you can join their cause at

Directed by: Micah Merrill
Choreography by: Bonnie Story

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Lindsey Stirling- Album Shower

Pre-order my album at and you can become a part of my album making experience. Also become a part of my pledge page so you can see exclusive sneak peaks of my upcoming album such as artwork, tracks and music video BTS before anyone else.

BIG thanks to my friends who did this video with me. They are super talented and you can check them out here:

William Rubio
Twitter @willrubio
Matt Mattson

Tyler Ward
Steve Kardynal
Andre- Black Nerd Comedy
Stuart Edge
Kurt Schneider-
Brandon Laatsch
Jon Duckworth
Nikki Hollywood

Music from Enchanted:

And thanks to the youtube space for letting me film at their studio

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Stars Align – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

I’m going on tour! Head to for tour dates and tickets.

Go check out BallMagik. It’s a fun app that is perfect for any age and it’s all about creativity and animation:

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Sheet music for "Stars Align"

Lindsey Stirling Deluxe Album is now available at Amazon and iTunes!

Go check out BallMagik. It’s a fun app that is perfect for any age and it’s all about creativity and animation:

PlayfightVFX did all the incredible special effects and their channel is amazing so you should definitely subscribe to them:

you can also see a separate collab that we did for their channel:

Anze Skrube did all the amazing choreography. Check him out on youtube:
Twitter and instagram: @anzeskrube

Stars Align Credits List
DIRECTED BY: Nathan D. Lee
CONCEPT BY: Lindsey Stirling & Nathan D. Lee
PRODUCED BY: Jared Cardon

FILMED AT: YouTube Space LA

EDITED BY: Lindsey Stirling & Nathan D. Lee
COSTUME DESIGNERS: Lindsey Stirling and Shannon Cheek

Joesar Alva
Raymond Basa
Marvin Millora
Devon Perri
Anze Skrube
Mykell Wilson
Whyley Yoshimura
Matic Zadravec

* CREW *
ART DIRECTOR: Erika Walters
ART CREW: Marlena Feehery, Derek Hockenbrough
GAFFER: Brandon Moss
GRIP/ELECTRIC: Matthew Dartnell, Willem Kampenhout, Alex Stein
JIB OPERATOR: Andy Jagerson
HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Alison Christian, Leibi Carias

* VFX *
COMPOSITOR : Justin Perreault
COMPOSITOR: Sophia Jooyeon Lee
COMPOSITOR: Melissa Costa
ROTO ARTIST: George Macharashvili

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Matthew Dartnell, Julia Glausi

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jeremy Lamb, Nicholas Adams, Erin Anderson, Eileen Rivera, Andrew Fillmore, Adina Friedman, Casey McAdams, Freddie Wong

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Together We Can Make This World a Better Place

There were SOOO many incredible submissions for this year’s Inova Violin contest! ( It was amazing to watch and read about all the service you guys did!  (Have I ever told you that my fans are the best? Yep. My fans are definitely the best!) Along with the three lucky winners (I couldn’t just pick one ha ha), I wanted to feature this entry submitted by Dylan Teter because #1 It’s awesome and #2 It made me laugh like crazy :)  Thank you again to all who participated; together we can make this world a better place!Dylan & Wei
           Today on my way to the airport I saw a man with some luggage in the subway station looking very confused. I asked him if he needed help getting to the airport. He spoke little English, which explained his troubles. I pointed to my suitcase and said “airport” and stuck my arms out like a plane. He understood and I motioned him to follow me. I had no idea what I was getting into.
            There was little conversation on the subway ride but I learned his name was Wei and he was going to Beijing. At the airport I helped him check his bag and we walked to security. But after I went through I saw Wei still waiting for his bag. They pulled his bag out and took him aside. They searched his bag and uncovered three jars of jam. Very adamant that the jars stay, Wei put them back and yelled in Chinese. TSA was not pleased. I talked to the man and explained that Wei didn’t speak English and was probably unaware of the three-ounce-liquid rule. Then we were taken to a small room. I started to get a little worried.
           A man labeled “Explosives Expert” walked in. He tried to question Wei to no avail so turned to me and asked “Where are you going,” “How long will you be staying,” and such questions. I explained that I had just met Wei but the expert was not interested. Wei was still frustrated and confused. I was a nervous wreck trying to explain to an explosives expert why I was trying to get three suspicious jars onto an airplane. I pulled up Google Translate on my phone to explain things to Wei. He reluctantly gave up the jars after I told him that they could be mailed. We were finally released and back on our way.
I had time before my flight but Wei missed his. I knew he would never be able to get this sorted so I went to find out how to help. I explained the situation and Wei was given a ticket for a flight three hours later. I gave Wei a hug goodbye before running across the terminal to my flight, barely making it.
           It was quite the ordeal but I am glad it happened. I don’t know what Wei would have done had I not been there. I attached the photo of myself and Wei. I thought you would like to know what affect you are having on people around the world like us.
          Dylan Teter”

Dylan will be the  recipient of two complimentary VIP tickets to any one of my concerts.  :D  Thanks Dylan!

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It’s Never too Late to Un-shelved Dream

As a 6-year-old little girl I begged my parents for two things: I wanted to play the violin and I wanted dance lessons. However, during this financially trying time in the Stirling home, purchasing sour cream was a luxury, so my parents told me that I had to choose between the two. As you can probably guess, I chose the violin. I never did have the privilege of taking dance lessons, but I’ve spent the last two decades gracefully twirling and jumping to everything and anything that has rhythm attached.

When I was approached earlier this year about competing on Dance Showdown I was nothing less than ecstatic. I mean, WOW…you mean I get to be trained by a professional choreographer, and then I get to perform full-out dance routines on stage? Um… YES!!

As good as all this sounded to me, it wasn’t that easy to pull-off. I was on the road and I wouldn’t be back in Los Angeles until a few days before our first dance performance. I knew that my partner and I would probably be “behind” compared to everyone else. I started questioning my better judgment: Why had I signed up for this? I was so exhausted with performances, interviews, and an writing music for my upcoming album that there just wasn’t time for anything extra. What was I thinking??? And yet, the little voice from my past…the one that had begged incessantly for dance lessons…convinced me that I had to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


So when I finally got back in L.A. I immediately jumped into rehearsal mode. I arrived to our first rehearsal and very first thing Anze taught me was the “scary lift” (yeah…it was scary). I had literally just met this guy and 5 minutes later he has me flying backwards and he’s flipping me up into the air. If an intimate experience like that doesn’t get you comfortable with somebody, I don’t know what will.

From that first day on, we worked EXTREMELY hard. We learned several routines, dancing for up to 7 hours every day. On top of that, I would practice at home in my apartment. My body soon felt like an 80 year after running a marathon; I felt pain all over my body and, consequently, discovered a myriad of muscles I didn’t even know existed.

The days flew by. Before I knew it, it was time to perform and I. Was. Terrified. We had been so rushed in learning the choreography…I just didn’t want to freeze up! As I stepped onto the stage, my body was ridged and my sore muscles as tense as overcooked steaks. But the moment the music began my little heart skipped a beat and I came alive inside. I was definitely no Beyoncé up there but I was having the time of my life! I had worked so hard, I was overcoming my fear, and I was working with an amazing partner. I was living my childhood dream!

Performance over. As we walked off the stage I felt absolutely elated! As I threw my arms around Anze for a victorious hug I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I was that happy. Hahaha yeah, it’s just an Internet show but I was so giddy with joy that you would have thought I’d just won the Grammy’s. There’s nothing that feels so good as setting a goal and exceeding your own expectations.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.32.05 AM

I have learned that it doesn’t matter how “big” or how “small” our accomplishments are. If we set a goal, work zealously towards that goal, and achieve it, we deserve to feel on top of the world.

Thanks so much for supporting me in Dance Showdown! You guys have made it possible for me to accomplish so many of my dreams and for that I cannot thank you enough. If you want to vote for us on Dance Showdown, you can do so at You can vote 1000x a day (though I don’t expect you to do that haha; even one vote helps!) Just any time you are on the computer over the next few weeks, try to remember to give Anze and I a few votes. Winning this would be the icing-on-the-cake of this already-amazing dream.

I’d like to ask for one more favor. I want you to go to your closet and pull out the dream that you shelved. I’m not going to become a professional dancer and I’m not suggesting that you should quit your job to be the pro-basketball player you always wanted to be. What I am suggesting is that you revisit that dream…something you once loved or feel passionate about…and do something with it. Maybe start playing basketball in a city league for fun. Or learn to bake the pastries you always wanted to make. Take the initiative; dust off a dream of the past that has gotten dusty. Doing so may awaken a new passion and zeal for life; you never know where it will take you.

Love you guys!

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2014 Tour Announcement

Hey Guys! I’m heading on tour again in 2014! It’s been 14 months since my last US tour and I cannot wait to get back on the road. I’ll be playing some new songs and will have a brand new show to share. Pre-sale tickets are available here:

General on-sale and VIP packages will be available on Friday December 20th at 10am local time here:

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Oh Come, Emmanuel – Lindsey Stirling & Kuha’o Case

Turkish Airlines:

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I loved working with Kuha’o on this project. He is blind and self taught and yet he is a light to anyone who sees him play. He loves to share music with everyone so please help him spread his gifts with the world by subscribing to his channel

Kuha’o’s youtube:

Arranged by Lindsey Stirling and the amazing Stephen Anderson

Produced by Stephen Anderson
He can do anything so contact him or hear more on his website:

Lindsey’s footage was filmed by Blue Kite Cinema.
They do all kinds of videos that you can see at
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The text was written By my papa Stephen J Stirling
His book just got published

Lindsey Stirling Deluxe Album is now available at Amazon!
Target (Deluxe Exclusive) —

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